Different designers have unique ideas of building out photography websites. But, one thing is for sure: They have a common design checklist that they cannot circumvent no matter how hard they try to. Certain design features must be included in a photography website to be functional and to realize its core objectives fast. Let’s check them out:

A search feature is critical to any free stock photo website

If there is anything that the modern day savvy customer values more, is time. No customer will want to spend more time searching for a favorite image in the midst of hundreds of thousands of photos. They will simply abandon the site and look for one that offers an easier way to find photos. This is why a search feature is critical to the success of your photography website. A simple to use search box will enable the customer to type in their keyword, and the kinds of images they want will appear. They will be able to pick out their favorite photo easily.

Your free stock photo website should be easy to navigate

Simple navigation simply means your photography website should be user-friendly and allow one-click or two to find products and services. Navigation also encompasses innovative tools that make the customers shopping experience great. For, instance, directional arrows make it easier for customers to find products they want seamlessly.

About Us Page is crucial for free stock photos websites

Customers trust sites that tell them who exactly they are. An About Us Page tells clients who exactly you are and specific things you do. It also spells out the objectives, goals, and philosophies of your website and how your photography website came up. Customer testimonials and your success stories can be plastered on this page.

Ensure to include Contact Information on your free stock photo website

Your contact information such as phone number, email address, and a physical address is critical to the success of your photography website. It gives your photography website a sense of legitimacy. Most shoppers want to talk to real people, rather than read through a plethora of product descriptions. Contact information will make this possible.

Space is an important aspect when indulging in the business of free stock photos

Space is a vital design element when building up a photography website. Space has a bearing on virtually everything about your site, including flow and readability. More designs are coming up that align with the modern day shopper’s needs, for instance, an enhanced spacing between sentences, and vast white spaces.


These design elements are necessary if you want to succeed in free stock photography. These days, it’s not about offering low prices for products and services, but optimizing customer experience and delivering quality products and services.