The most annoying thing you’ll ever experience is losing your free stock photos through accidentally formatting or file corruption. But don’t worry; there are steps you can take to recover your deleted photos in minutes. Just follow the steps below:

– Don’t make any move to your memory card once you discover the free photos have been removed

Before recovering your deleted photos, you must have three things on hand; a computer, a card reader and of course the memory card that contained the deleted photos. Don’t make any step once you realized your photos are deleted. For example, don’t snap anymore photos. Instead, gently remove the memory card from the camera.

– Choose a good recovery app or software to retrieve your free stock photos

Choose photo recovery software from an array of free options available online. Ensure that the software you choose is compatible with your operating system. For example, if your operating system is Windows, you can use Recuva. If you have a Mac, then you can use PhotoRec.

-Installation and setup of your chosen free photos recovery software

To be able to use your preferred free photo recovery software, you have to install it on your device. Most photo recovery software offers one-click installs, so installing shouldn’t be a problem.

– Switch to the free stock photos recovery software

When the photo recovery software is on, it will ask you to choose which type of files you need to recover. The list will include photos, videos, documents, music, compressed, emails and all files. Choose photos.

– Run the scan to recover your free stock photos

Results will show up in a matter of minutes. If the photo recovery software is good enough, it should recover all your photos. If the results don’t show, switch from the standard mode to advanced mode to bring out raw files.

– Select the precise free stock photos you want to recover

When you run the scan, the software will bring you a list of photo files to recover. Select particular files you want to be recovered and click the recover button. You’ll then need to choose where retrieve the file to. A rule of thumb is to choose an easily accessible location like your picture folder. Don’t consider saving them on the memory card again.

– Ascertain that the files have been recovered and back them up

The last step is to determine whether the photos have been recovered. If you choose the best photo recovery software, you will find your photo with the same quality. Back them up immediately.


Well, these steps should be able to recover your files without any problem. If the free option can’t recover your photos, suffice to try the paid options. They are more effective than free options.

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